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Sunday Night Facial Routine

Every Sunday is a good day to cleanse the week away, it's the one day I get to relax and have the time to pamper myself !

I like to test out new skincare products in current beauty trends and find out what really works (and sometimes what doesn't) and pass on the knowledge to others. Over the years iv used many big brands working within beauty salons so am now very selective as to which ones are "worth it". These days I prefer skincare products with active ingredients, or what I like to call products that 'actually do something' rather than a 'fluffy' skincare product that just makes your skin feel nice.

New product of the week:

Egg White Bubble cleanser By Mizo:

This is a foaming cleanser suitable for all skin types.

This cleanser does exactly what it says on the tin, my skin not only feels clearer and brighter it looks it too and without drying the skin out. A lot of cleansers that decongest the skin I find quite drying.....not the egg white bubble cleanser.


egg white extract to remove dirt and grime that's deeply embedded in your pores.

Hyalornic Acid to plump the skin.

Papaya, bill bury root and sugar cane to brighten skin


BeautyLab London Micropolish Dermabraison:

This is my favourite exfoliater for the face, it's nice and rough cream exfoliater so you know it's doing something but without irritating your skin. It's from the BeautyLab London anti ageing range but suitable for all skin types.


Gold, Glycolic and Quartz helps stimulate and polish the skin to make it appear smoother and more radiant.


Starskin sheetmask - After party brightening Bio-Cellulose second skin face mask:

Korean sheet masks are so popular at the moment so I had to try one of the top brands Starskin. The mask is soaked in serum so feels very soothing when you put it on. My skin felt really hydrated afterwards and I rubbed in the remaining serum into my skin, my skin looked a lot more glowy and bright afterwards. I imagine it to be fantastic for after long flights....Great product!


Rich Vitamin Coconut juice and Bio-Cellulose to hydrate and revive skin.

Vitamin C to help improve the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone.

Brightening Cowslip, Firming Mallow Extract and healing Gentian Root to leave skin looking fresh and appear plumper


Environ AVST 5 moisturiser

Envrion prodcts are designed for all skin types and work using a step up programme, being on AVST 5 i have been using this product for nearing 3 years, i took me a while to get to the top but it was tottally worth it, i wont ever change moisturiser now. i used to suffer with really oily skin as a teenager and early 20's and envrion completly changed my skin (age probably had a small impact too) but i now even suffer from the odd dry areas. there products are fantastic and as contain high active ingredients can only be bought in beauty salons.


High levels of Vitamin A which helps with skin repair and ageing, vitamin A is a good all rounder.

7 powerful antioxidants to fight free radicals and rejuvenate the skin.

2 types of Retinol to strengthen the Vitamin A.


BeautyLab London Mulit Vitamin Oil:

i was never keen on a oil back in my oily skin days, but now with my odd dry spells this works really well at night under my AVST 5 occasionally. i also will never go abroad or on a aeroplane without this on and helps keep my skin hydrated throughout flights and when iv been in the sun (especially if any sunburn as helps repair and soothe skin). i find its too rich to use in daytime but great for night time use.


Passion Flower, Vitamins and Lavender to soften, nourish and sooth the skin while keeping it well hydrated

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