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London Fashion Week SS17 & AW17 nail trends.

It's that time of your again when all of the fashionistas flood the trendy streets of London for London fashion week (LFW).

I was lucky enough last season to work along side Sophia stylianou and her team assisting for the Paul costelloe show SS17. Sophia was sponsored by Jessica nails and provided us with our kits and chosen colours by the stylists at Paul costelloe show. We created a custom colour using 2 layers of boho babes and 1 layer of sweetie pie, all topped off with Jessica brilliance for a high shine glossy finish. Fabulous colour for these coming spring months, there's many pastels available in cnd shellac and with layering techniques custom colours can always be created.

I was invited back last Friday by Sophia stylianou to help her and her team assist nails at Paul costelloe again.

It's always great fun meeting other girls in the industry and bouncing off each other. I spend the week building up to it excited to see what colours are chosen to go with the look the stylists have created.

This season the Paul costelloe show and Sophia stylianou where sponsored by Orly nails uk. I'd never used Orly polishes before so it's always exciting to try something new. They went with a bright ‘haute red’ Orly nails polish with a matte finish. The season for the show was AW17 as it's always 1 season ahead in the fashion world. The fabrics were all very tweedy and had long sleeves so the pop of the ‘haute red’ peeping out the end end of the sleeves looked fantastic especially with the matte finish. The clothes in the show where Devine. I especially have my eye on the matte pvc leggings as they have a leather look to them with a matte finish.

After looking at other nail teams work from over the London fashion week matte nails seems to be looking big for AW17 from dark to light shades with a matte finish.

There's many matte finish top coats out there in gel or polish. The Orly nails uk matte finish polish we used was really lovely. Iv currently got a bios culture EVO matte gel top coat which gives the nails a lovely matte finish and makes them feel lovely too.

Let's all keep our eyes peeled for the matte nails trend to drop! Watch this space!

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